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Global Advanced Technology, LLCSM is a collaboration of Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Affiliations in order to offer the newest, most advanced and environmentally friendly technologies and services available in the oil industry. GATSM technologies and services offer the greatest margins possible even when the oil prices are extremely low.

When oil prices fluctuate, it is important to have the most efficient and cost effective technologies available in order to avoid going under when prices are low while yielding the highest return when prices are high.

GATSM’s new technologies and methodologies are more important than ever to help keep production and companies viable by recovering more oil at less price then other technologies..

GATSM offers new approaches and equipment for refining, oil recovery, oil/water separation and clean up that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

GATSM’s goal is to bring new less costly innovative oil technologies that are eco-friendly to the market. For more information regarding GATSM’s revolutionary technologies and services, please contact us at

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What we do

GATSM’s desulfurization process is a revolutionary oxygen based technology that reduces the sulfur to meet the new 2020 IMO limits without heat or pressure at 1/10th of the OPEX and 1/3rd CAPEX cost of present technologies. GAT-s Desulfurization process can be installed and commissioned within 1 year.
Enhanced Oil Recovery
GATSM’s proprietary LCSM technology is an extraction process that does not need high heat or pressure. LCSM recovers more oil, without creating pollution, or waste of water at a fraction of the price of the standard steam technology. When oil prices are extremely low, LCSM allows continued production.
Oil Cleaning
GATSM’s Modular Cleaning System has applications for oil spills on land and water besides water/oil separation. This revolutionary cleaning technology recovers or salvages the oil and allows it to be processed. LCSM is also used in our water/oil separation process.
Other Services
GATSM offers new technology for oil and water separation which not only cleans the water but also salvages the oil to be processed. We can also provide logistics and freight forwarding services and the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone.

Global Advanced TechnologiesSM, LLC

WE ARE COMMITTED TO IMPROVING Our Environment through better Oil Technologies so that our children can enjoy the same resources, beauty and standard of living that we have enjoyed for generations.

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