JDPSM Desulfurization with NEW Molecular Technology

Global Advanced TechnologiesSM, LLC (“GATSM has the rights to market a revolutionary new desulfurization process, JDPSM ). Our joint venture partners bring over 100 years of experience in the oil industry.

JDPSM processes high sulfur fuel oil (HSFO) to produce low sulfur fuel oil, (LSFO) or MGO that meets the new IMO 2020 sulfur limits. The inventor and owner of this oxygen-based desulfurization technology has now taken the JDPSM process to a new level its 3rd generation. The technology is supported by reports and smallscale pilots certified by two of the largest, most credible third party laboratories and by reports from one of the five largest worldwide oil producing companies. It is now entering the market in a very large way and in time to reduce sulfur in HSFO to meet the new IMO 2020 regulatory 0.5% sulfur limits in maritime fuels. While EU and the USA already have a limit of 0.1% sulfur limit, GAT ensures that marine fuel will be meet the customers’ needs.

Our JDPSM is ready for meeting the needs of the oil industry and reducing the HFO from 3.5 % sulfur down to the new IMO sulfur limits of 0.5% after more than 15 years of research and $10 million spent developing JDPSM. It can easily be implemented at tank farms at small scale of 500 ton – 1,000 ton operations for $10-$20 million vs. needing full refinery equipment required for the $1billion for hydrogen methods recently selected by a large shipping company to meet the new regulations.


JDPSM works by manipulating atoms to remove parts of molecules (sulfur) at the atomic level and creating new molecules, i.e. sulfur gases (SO2 or SO3) using oxygen atoms (not stable oxygen molecules). JDPSM provides huge capital and operating cost savings. JDPSM capital costs are as little as 1/10th costs of 30-40 year old HDS hydrogen methods and operating costs as little as 1/3rd costs of HDS. The savings are achieved by doing JDPSM sulfur removal without the need for huge specialized tanks (for 1200psi) combined with high energy costs of 1200 F heat.

GAT’SSM desulfurization process operates at normal temperature and pressure, does not require pressure vessels to be installed, requires less energy to operate, has both a lower CAPEX and OPEX cost compared to conventional hydro-desulfurization processes on the market, which operate at high pressure (1200 psi) and high temperature (1000F). JDPSM reduces sulfur below 0.5% which meets the new IMO 2020 maritime limits of Sulfur < 0.1%, and is backed by proven results, as listed below:

  • High Sulfur Fuel Oil – Sulfur content w/w reduced from 3.5 % to 0.4%
  • MAZUT High Sulfur Fuel Oil -- Sulfur content reduced from 5.6 % to < 3% to < 1%
  • CALIFORNIA OIL – sulfur content reduced from 2.5% to < 1%

GATSM is willing to provide the desulfurization service to the maritime and bunker users, as required, by installing unit(s) “at customer site” to process the HSFO and deliver LSFO


  • CAPACITY: Unit will desulfurize HSFO and deliver 500 MT / day of LSFO that meets the IMO 2020 sulfur limits of < 1%. Orders for increments of 500 MT.
  • REGULATIONS: We need two types of permits:
    • 1) The air regulations & related permits -- will be met by our enclosed system, that treats sulfur gas using standard industry equipment to ensure we do not release sulfur gases into the air.
    • 2) The water regulations and permits -- will be met by recycling reactants and our standard industry water treatment equipment to ensure all regulations are met.
  • LEAD TIME: Commissioning 6-8 months after kick-off (Purchase Order with Initial Payment)
  • QUANTITY: Orders for processing 500 to 2500 MT / day are being taken for year 2018
  • TIMING: Purchase order generally first-come-first-served. Approximately 12 locations under negotiations currently which are already ahead of new inquiries.
  • INCENTIVES: Shown below

MARITIME AND BUNKER USERS, willing to move forward early can place the purchase order with earnest money deposit to have their HSFO processed at their facility via the JDPSM process. The purchase order must include the following:

  • Location:
    • Site address / map / layout
    • Tank sizes available for storage of HSFO, LSFO
    • Other storage tanks (smaller) available for use at site
  • HSFO quantity / day that needs to be processed – in multiples of 500 MT / day – Specify for each location, if more than one
  • Terms: Earnest money Deposit, followed by phased installments.

For additional information please call 1-309-525-5000 or info@GAT-INTL.com

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