GATSM Refineries

GATSM, with its partners and affiliates, offer the most revolutionary and cost effective and efficient refinery technologies on the market. This includes a no heat or pressure “JDPSM” desulfurization process, modular refineries and a “Hydro-Fuel Refinery Conversion System”.

Global Advanced TechnologiesSM, LLC.(GATSM) has rights to a new advanced Hydro-Fuel Modular Conversion System. These Conversion Refineries (HFR) are the most intelligent, economical and durable available. Modular units can have capacities as low as 10,000 BPD yet with complex refinery capabilities and can be scaled to a complex 1,000,000+ BPD refinery by merely adding modules.

These environmentally responsible refineries are among the most advanced refineries in the world. The Mobile Refineries produce top-quality fuels un-matched by any other due to our “complex” refining capabilities yet available on a mobile basis due to incorporating technologies proven in other industries. With a pace setting Ultra-Fast implementation and scalability due to our modular approach, now even for complex refinery capabilities are available in less than half the time of “stick-built” refineries.

The exclusive Whole-Crude JDPSM De-Sulfurization / De-Metallization System prevents corrosion throughout the refinery’s systems. This revolutionary system enhances durability and reduces operating cost tremendously greatly extending life of both the catalysts and the metal components. The increased use of heavy crudes loaded with sulfur, metals, and other contaminants makes this breakthrough technology particularly important.

The JDPSM system of desulfurization process is a low pressure no heat desulfurization process. It is cost effective because it does not need high pressure vessels nor significant heat or pressure energy to remove the sulfur to the new sulfur limits.

Through collaboration and cooperation with various industry leaders, a high performance modular JDPSM unitand /or refinery can be installed in record time vs. construction time for other “stick-built” refineries.

Refining Capacity Allocation
Our business plans are to use smaller, more efficient refineries in localized schemes that will replace larger more complex centralized refineries. A 300,000 BPD refining capacity divided to 3- 100,000’s or 6- 50’s for example, is more appropriate where production and/or markets cover vast areas. This greatly reduces transport cost of both oil and products, whether it is for local consumption or export to adjacent countries.

Power Generation

GATSM has the ability through this new technology and Joint Venture partners and affiliates to create power generation facilities at the lowest capital and operating costs in the power generation industry.

Business Arrangements
Fee Based Refining of Local Crude Oil (FEE TBD )
GATSM or with its JV partners will refine locally produced or sourced crude for a fixed fee covering cost and return on investment. Under this arrangement, the clients will supply the Crude Oil while we do the refining and production of fuels. Using our advanced Hydro Fusion Reactors and Hydro Crackers, we can extract lighter distillates or convert the entire leftover heavy fractions to Fuel Oil.

The modular, infinitely scalable design, and exclusive technologies, allows for fast incremental implementation for seamless expansion and integration with modules to meet future needs. This means the refinery can grow in capacity and product variety indefinitely, making it flexible and capable of meeting all potential future market changes and needs with available space as its only constraint. This flexible and durable design protects the huge investment of any refinery and also the environment as it eliminates the need for modification and maximizes the economic life of its modules.

Market Demands
We envision continued growth and demand for Diesel and all other fuels. It is also important to remember here that the superior quality of these exclusive Hydro Fuels will guarantee strong demand in any market condition.

The site will house the refinery along with the needed tanks, administrative offices, laboratories and maintenance facilities.

Implementation Phases
The refinery can be installed incrementally in complete modules of 10,000-100,000 BPD capacities. These modules and sub-modules are fully assembled and tested at the manufacturing facilities in the United States prior to shipping for quick onsite installation. This controlled manufacturing environment allows for additional precision and enhanced quality control of all refinery components and reduces costs due to transportation, housing and living expenses of technical experts needed on-site for “stick-built” refineries.

The Technology
GATSM along with its partner’s and affiliates proprietary desulfurization technologies are the most advanced in the world. With our critical components such as Naphtha Reformers, proprietary De-Sulfurization / De-Metallization Units, Catalytic Hydro Crackers, and our new proprietary Hydro Fusion Reactors, we are in a class by ourselves. Our low energy consumption sets us apart from all others. Because energy costs are the largest refinery costs after the crude oil feedstock cost this is critical in the decision to acquire a GATSM refinery with its competitive advantages. Major reduction of pressures and temperatures in critical systems are important economic factors in reducing both capital costs and operating costs and in safety features of our refineries vs. other refineries available on the market.

Our Newest development of the world’s first Whole-Crude De-sulfurization/ De-Metallization System is as revolutionary as our Heavy Crude Catalytic Extraction System. This Important development is through GATSM as a joint venture with world leading experts on Desulfurization and Heavy Crude Extraction technologies. HFR refineries can process any type or quality of crude with ease due to the combination of our new technologies. That is a claim no other refinery technology can claim.

Energy Requirement
An onsite power generation plant will power the refinery and the entire facility. This provides flexibility for locating the refinery for efficiencies and other needs because it eliminates the need for hookup to local power grids. New choices for locations are available near oil fields or closer to cities to reduce refined product shipping costs and commuting times for local labor. Our Hydro Fusion Reactor’s Hydro Fuel will fuel redundant power stations and can also provide power to nearby cities in remote areas due to our unique technological advances. All our refineries are Self-Contained including power generation.

Eco-System Concerns
The refinery will not be water-cooled. Thus the availability of local water is not an issue. In addition, we have no flared gases creating air pollution as we direct the entire CH4 (“light ends”) for reuse in the refining process rather than wasting it. This means the cost savings will be significant and the entire refinery will conform to US EPA’s standards for low emissions industrial facility. GATSM is at the forefront of environmentally responsible energy solutions and oil conversion to low emission higher energy fuels.

GATSM and its partners offer a Whole-Crude Catalytic De-sulfurization / De-Metallization Unit, which eliminates many of the environmental concerns related to corrosion and poisonous emissions by removing sulfur and metals prior to entering the primary refining units and not only reducing pollution but also prolonging the life of all the modular units.

The Products
The design flexibility of HFR will allow it to custom tailor the products to meet market demands. Most importantly this provides the flexibility to change the mix of fuel produced as the market changes. Product mix depends on the client’s requirements, but all products can be classified as environmentally friendly Hydro Fuels. This revolutionary Hydro Fusion technology creates a new breed of Enhanced Hydrogen-Rich Fuels. Hydro Fuels have greater efficiency and are cleaner burning with up to 90% reduction in emission gases and PM. Hydro Fuels are fine-tuned to extend the lives of engines as they exhibit lower combustion chamber temperatures.

GATSM Refineries produce products with the following enhanced qualities beyond industry competition:

  1. Gasoline:
    1. A- Premium: A minimum octane rating of 92.
    2. B- Hydro Gasoline: A 95 octane and 25% greater efficiency for longer range on a tank-full and more than 90% reduced emissions.
  2. Kerosene:
    1. A- Standard: Jet-Fuel Quality products tailored to client’s specifications.
    2. B- Hydro Jet: A Hydro Treated version with 30% greater efficiency for longer range and more than 90% reduction in emissions.
  3. Diesel:
    1. A- Premium Diesel: ASTM D975 certified ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur)
    2. B- Hydro Diesel: A high quality ASTM D975 Certified ULSD with a minimum of 56-cetane index for superior combustibility and 35% greater efficiency for longer range and more than 90% reduction in emissions.
  4. Fuel Oils:
    1. A- Mazut M100-M380: Generators, Equipment, Heating and Marine uses.
    2. B- Hydro Fuel: A Hydro treated Mazut M100 with 40% greater efficiency and power for longer range and more energy generation, as well as 90%+ reduction in emissions. Can be used for trucks and buses. This unique product is very close to D2 specifications with enhanced hydrogen content and a complete re-structuring of molecular chains.
  5. Bitumen or Asphalt
    1. Most clients opt for the more valuable Gasoline or Diesel Fuels, thus demanding

deeper cracking or reforming. Should the perspective client require the heavier bottoms, it will only further enhance the Diesel and Mazut fractions.

In general, GATSM’s refining system provides a great deal of flexibility for allocating product “cuts” between the top 5 fractions. This allows the refinery to focus on local market needs and adjust to future changes. In fuel markets.

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